Features and Other Aspects of Snaptube for Android

Till some point in the past, we had YouTube as the only solace to watch videos, without the option of downloading them till SnapTube took the market by storm. SnapTube with its streaming plus most significantly downloading ability has become the number Uno for Android users. It is an Android app that enables you to download the YouTube videos to your gadgets as MP3 or MP4 audio format. So the most fascinating aspect of this app is the fact that this is one safe application which is proving to be a paradise for all the music lovers.

Snaptube app for android

Nevertheless, actually, we are aware that this application isn’t accessible on Google Play Store and accordingly to download it we require the .apk file. In any case, before downloading this application we will look deeply into the Snaptube features which have made it so popular.

Features of SnapTube

Below is a detailed list of the features of SnapTube for Android. Read the list carefully and you will finally be able to comprehend as to why you should download the application.

  • This application is so fast that it helps you to save time as well as space on your Smartphone.
  • MP4 videos are accessible here in several resolutions, and therefore you can go in for the little size of 360 pixels or maybe the HD of 1080 pixels.
  •  Any YouTube music video can be directly downloaded by the user as an MP3 file.
  • No additional encoding procedure or plugin required to get the app.
  • You can search a video by means of keywords, and you will be able to effortlessly locate the precise video you desire.
  • If in case after you watch a YouTube video and feel like downloading then merely use the ‘share’ alternative to link it to SnapTube and within a blink of an eye it will be downloaded on your device.
  • The user can travel around YouTube videos in their favorite categories like movies or music.
  • You will be able to even cancel, pause, or even resume a video download.
  • You can handle all of your video downloads in a single place, and then the clean design option allows you to focus on your videos.
  • The most excellent part of this app is that you will not get any annoying ads.

Final words

The app is not available in the Google stores but there is some open source technique from where the application can be downloaded with the apk variant. The procedure is basic and successful. This application is simply ideal for all the music lovers. SnapTube is the ideal answer to your request of music anytime anyplace.

Snaptube app offers you great resolution which supports HD format of movies and videos and so you get pleasure from watching them. You could utilize this app to download and install video cuts from any of the websites. This is the exact reason that Snaptube has taken the world by a storm.

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